Saturday, 5 November 2011

start again!

OK was ill for a fair few days, a minor setback.

Back on track from Monday though, have got myself a gym program and even had a full body wellness check!

Back from Monday

See you then x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day 3 - First Hurdle

Today was not as successful as yesterday but for a legitimate reason. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and feeling a little wobbly.
Not to be deterred I took some medication and was out the door and in the gym by 8.30, however all went a little sideways. I couldn't manage to exercise at the same level as yesterday, I was literally exhausted.
Food went fairly well though and I avoided the temptation of a bacon buttie in the morning....good times.

Food intake -
 Porridge made with 1/2 skimmed milk and 1/2 water
Baked potato with beans and cheese
2 slices of crispy lean bacon (fat cut off)
1/4 of an eccles cake (little slip)
tomato and cheese omelette
Muller yogurt and frozen berries.


1 litre of water
4 cups of tea (3 more tonight)

Not the best and now I see it on here I can see that I have had too much dairy & not enough veggies, thats why this is so useful really.

I am worried about waking up tomorrow feeling more ill and this throwing out my new routine so early but I suppose you just have to deal with it, this is the realities of life. Ups and downs and all that jazz.

Exercise -

15 mins on treadmill on level 5.2
10 mins on cross trainer at level 1 for 5 mins and level 3 for 5 mins
No rowing machine!
2 set of 15 reps on tummy weights machine thingie
2 sets of 15 reps on bum making thinner machine.

I am making an appointment with the staff at the gym for a program to help me focus a little more and push myself correctly, also havent got time to do all the weight machines and I want to focus on bottom, belly, legs, bingo wings, saggy boobs.....oh in fact everything.

I have no issues with my fingers, toes and neck area (its a little short thats all)

Ho hum.

I am off to lie on the sofa under a duvet drinking tea and watching crap TV because I am ill.

So there!

See you tomorrow blog xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Day 2 - It Begins

Today was the first day of my new life, yes I am being serious. The thought of being toned and having a healthy glow is a huge thing for me...not to be confused with being thin. I would happily be a toned and curvy size 16, I just want to wake up in the morning feeling alert, not spend the day thinking about going to bed. I want to like what I see in the mirror and trust me that is not about fat/thin, Its about feeling healthy and happy.

Ok so total amount eaten as follows -

1 serving of porridge made with half water half skimmed milk
salad with tuna, low fat mayo olives, pickled chilli peppers, and LOADS of veggies.
1 banana
1 plum
Beef stew with lean beef, made in slow cooker to avoid using extra fat.
Muller light yogurt and frozen berries.

5 cups of tea with sweetener and skimmed milk
1 bottle of water
3 glasses of water
 (will have another 3 cups of tea this evening)

Exercise as follows

15 mins on treadmill at level 5.2 (fast walk)
10 mins on cross trainer at level 3
3 mins on rower (hate this machine)

2 reps of 15 on 3 abdominal type weight things
2 reps of 15 on bottom weight machines

Walked up 6 flights of stairs
30 mins walking the dog and kids

Feeling pretty good in a weird self-hating kind of way, haven't been hungry but I think this may be due to drinking water before each meal. Evenings are generally the worst time for me so will let you know how this goes tomorrow.

I am absolutely knackered tonight, really knackered. The exercise was great but has left me quite worn out after the initial high, I know this will start to get better but boy oh boy I am, already feeling stiff and sore.

As expected I felt like a complete idiot in the gym, my massive oversize t-shirt and leggings made me look like a tent with cocktail sticks hanging out the bottom but I clung on to the fact that the wobble of my fat bits would be hidden from sight. I don't know if it worked.
The other problem with using a works gym is you bump into loads of work mates...whilst looking like a massive red tomato head dripping with sweat, I tried to play it cool but settled with avoiding eye contact and playing my ipod loudly. This worked and I zoned much so I nearly burst into song whilst listening to the scissor sisters any which way song, thank god stopped myself or I would have had to hand my notice in. Disco outbursts are hard to recover from.

See you tomorrow and please leave any hints or tips you think may help, if you see anything that I could change in my diet etc let me know.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 1 - Preperation

I decided last Christmas I was going to do 3 things
  1. Get a new job
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Get Fit and Healthy
I have achieved 1 and 2 which I must say are the hardest really, I have now been nicotine free for 5 months and started my new job in September.
My new job happens to be my dream job to boot! For the last 8 years I have always said at some point I wanted to get into teaching on a public service/criminal justice course and hey presto...thats what I am doing!
5 months down the line and I am a happy non smoker, getting to that point where I don't really think about them too much and have discovered that smokers are actually quite smelly, having said that if they find a cure for cancer I may start again because I really did love smoking......alot!

And so to the last one...exercise.

I don't really like it to be honest, I hate competitive sport, I am very intimidated by sporty people and it makes me feel insecure and generally stupid.
I always think I must be the most ridiculous person to see in a gym, my big bobbly belly and bum wobbling about in time to my cross training pace, big red face wheezing and puffing and still not managing to keep up with the 75yr old woman in Lycra at the side of me.
But its my challenge and the year is getting close to its end and I have to at least try to hit this one last goal.

So here goes!

Day 1 - Preparation.

I am not dieting anymore, I refuse to give my money to slimmingworld/weightwatchers/slimfast and all the others. I refuse to believe that this is the only way to become thin (ish) and healthy. It has to be a case of burning more calories that you put in, simple maths.
I may fall flat on my face with this but I am going to give it a try more dieting, sensible eating, low fat alternatives and low alcohol intake from tomorrow.
Today in preparation for this I ate the last of the chocolate whoopie pies I had made at the weekend and made myself feel sick on vimto sweeties. I may as well go out in style.

Much more successful was the exercise prep.
I had my Gym induction! yes I actually attended the gym and yes I was outrun on the treadmill by an old lady and her old man husband.....its was bound to happen. Having said that she was lovely and gave me some real motivation so I actually came away from the treadmill feeling better that when I started on it.

I also discovered that my pants were half masts, its been a long time since I wore them...what can I say.
Have purchased new gym wear on way home.

Tomorrow is the big day and I intend to post here what I do and eat everyday but not my weight, I have decided not to weigh myself as I have a tendency to become obsessive with it. Instead I will talk about how I feel and if I have felt a difference with my clothes.

So here goes nothing.....wish me luck!