Monday, 27 August 2012

I did it! well week 2 anyway.


I am pretty elated this morning, after dragging myself out of bed this morning dreading day 2 of week 2 I went for my run/walk.

After my disaster on Saturday I really didn't want to go this morning, then to add to mu distress I lost my ipod with my training podcast on it!!. I spent 20 mins blaming all of my children, my husband, the dog and potentially the cats before finally finding it in the bedroom.

As you can imagine at this point I am in a bad say the very least and doing this run was not something I particularly wanted to do.

So off I went and bugger me I actually did it! despite having to stop for cramp once and pausing my podcast so I could shuffle up the dingle hill at my own speed, I actually completed all of the runs.

I have arrived home bright red but in a much better mood and here I am sat eating an apple and drinking some water whilst typing about a run I have just!!

I never thought 5 weeks ago that I would be a nearly a stone lighter and running 3 times a week, as a reward I have ordered myself a running belt to put my ipod and water in whilst running. I will post a pic once it arrives.

Proper chuffed ;p

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