Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I resisted cake! and then went for a run....but I resisted cake!!

Yes today was a milestone.

For those that don't know me I do like cake, I like to bake it, eat it, roll in it....well you get the picture.

I had promised the guys at work a cake for ages and never followed through so last night I decided I felt strong enough to bake...without tasting.
I made a large  Victoria sandwich filled with whipped double cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries and dusted with icing sugar, its also my all time fave to eat.
This morning I took it into work and straight to the chaps office upstairs, handed it over and refused the offer of a slice.
Proud? you bet your arse I am, I bleeding love that style of cake :)

My weight loss on Tuesday wasn't that great, only half a pound off but the way I figure it, your body has natural fluctuations and as long as I am sticking to the diet and running as usual it will come off, staying focused and not getting distracted is far more important right now that obsessing over scales.

Also I am feeling great at present, more energy, happy, bouncing up in the mornings and generally more alert too.
Nasty nicotine keeps creeping back but at the moment I am on no more that 5 per day so its baby steps, need to stop it though because it will be hindering my progression with running.
Target set, no more from tomorrow.

Running tonight went well although was knackered towards the end and felt like I was dragging myself along, I made all the runs though so thats great and my recovery is definitely getting faster.

I do wonder what people must think as they drive past me, I must look ridiculous with my bright red tomato face, ample behind bobbling behind me and the occasional chant of "come on Jeanie keep going" uttered as I run along.

I don't care though, feel better than I have in ages. Besides anyone that mocks me is obviously jealous of my complete and utter sex appeal in my jogging bottoms ;p

See you Friday bloggers xxx

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