Thursday, 30 August 2012

Very early morning activity

Decided the only way to get a run in was this morning at 6am, because I am insane!

I am going out with some lovely ladies this evening and I knew it would be a late night and the chances are I would me more than a little tipsy by the end of it. I know I needed to fit a run in but by the time I get home I will only have 2 hours to get ready.
2 hours may seem excessive but I require some substantial working on to make my party face appear, its an age thing I think, that and i like looking like a drag queen when I go out. Think Ana Matronic from the scissor sisters meets Dame Edna Everidge

Anyway thats how I found myself jogging this morning, it was the last day of week 2 and what a morning to finish on, it was glorious. Beautiful still bright cold morning, mist rising from the fields and just cold enough to see your breath. It was simply beautiful. Add to that it felt amazing to be actually jogging, keeping my breath and looking at my surroundings.

Amazing way to finish week 2

Little concerned about week 3 I will be honest, it starts with a 90 second run followed by 90 seconds walking then 3 mins run and 3 mins walk. 3 mins is double what I am jogging now and I really feel like I cant do double that, I am waiting to finish and dragging myself along at times.

I have to try though, I think just like last week the first run will be a killer and I wont complete it so I am mentally ready for Sunday to be bloody hard work and just to try and complete as much as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading my silly blog, if any of you are runners please feel free to give me tips and hints...I need them!

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