Monday, 24 September 2012

I'm back!

After 3 weeks of an awful cough, cold and chesty mayhem today I started running again.

It was so hard not to just give up especially being back at work, my energy levels were low and the thought of starting all over again was not something I relished.

So tonight after a stressful day at work I thought what the hell, despite the rain I would go out for a run. Partly to clear my head and also because I knew if I stayed away much longer I would give up completely.

I started back on week 3 of the program which was where I had left of , this consisted of a 90 second run, 90 second walk, 3 min run and 3 min walk repeated twice. I actually did better than I though I would, both the 90 second runs were completed but the 3 min ones were a bit of a struggle. I achieved 2 mins 30 on each, considering I haven't ran in 3 weeks I am actually quite pleased.

So its back on track from this point onwards, the weight loss is still going well at 1 stone 4lbs in total so far with another 3 stone to go, sometimes it feels like an impossible task but every day I look in the mirror and see a little less of me it spurs me on.

It feels great to be back!

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